waking up from my dream

i guess it came up to hearing it from your own mouth

staring into the mirror, it took me a second to finally wake up from this dream

here i was, gettting all frustrated and mad because a girl was giving me the lemons. life is still so long and i was being held down by this. by one person, by one girl.

life is for the living. you won’t know where you are after one day, let alone a year.

if we were that meant for each other, i’m sure we will get back together some day.

i guess i shouldn’t treat this as a failure
i should cherish the happy moments i had and see it as an event in life just like any other bad exam mark, broken bone, it’s just a setback in our life but it doesn’t mean we have to get stuck in this pit forever

here i’m saying sry to you. sry for being a jerk for such a long time and not knowing until you shoved it in my face. i’m sorry and i hope this is something that you’ll ever go through again.

truly, deeply, madly sorry.


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