just got my myers brigg indicator test back and results were ENFJ

can you believe that the first anayliss was relationships are everthing to you. amazing ehh?

it’s not that i’m a overly sentimental person, i guess i put relationship between people ahead of things i don’t need so much of sleep, food, money

truth is i haven’t stopped liking. but i’ve given up

sounds like they contradict each other, they do but for me, not really

you just have to understand that you can only imagine you will ever be together but you can’t expect or hope it to happen, because you’ll only be dissapointed.

was talking to friend about my personality test results and i question the results by saying i wans’t that extroverted and al that. then he said sth very insightful to me. the personality test is supposed to test what is inside not outside.


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