life is tiring.

there are always a million things waiting for you to be done. the skl expends you like their little slave, tortures you with work. the university demands that you are perfect to a degree you must be a saint to get in. your friends want you to do this and that for them like they can’t ask anyone else.

i’m tired

from all the expectations people have of me. tired of all the shit load of things i’ve gotten myself into. tired of all the pressure i keep giving myself even if i tell myself not to. tired of my brain telling me to give up the girl of my dreams but my heart insisting that i still like her. tired of always questioning myeslf whether i’m doing the right things. tired of the fact that i’ve wished so many times, dreamed so many times of the same thing, but not for once has it come true. tired of all the jerks in this world who make life difficult for others.

humans are amazing, so many contradicting qualities exist in everyone of us. honesty and lies, selfless and selfishness, genuine and fake. i admire those simplistic people. i question myself at every turn even if there’s no reason to. yet those people don’t care what other people say and continue their way of living

someone just said to me you’re a great guy. i stood there hearing what’s supposed to be the best comment you can ever receive. but i doubted myself. i doubted whether he was telling to truth, whether i really deserved the comment. i doubted his honesty, doubted my own powers. why? i dun know i just wish i could be simple, single minded focusing on one thing only.


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