a more relaxing entry

well nothing to moan or complain about, in fact i’m quite happy, she talked to me. see this is what i mean by there’s always a but, sooner or later

friday night, pretty relaxed, no scouts, didn’t work on thursday or friday, decided to give myself a break, seems like i’m being a bit too relaxed

must be the silence before the storm, exams coming up, crazy week starting on tuesday, but then here i am so calm. i guess i should be the person starting to study frantically. well, so i better start working hard tmr.

i just hope there’s no big project i totally forgot about. good night then

Coach Carter quote: you may deserve it but the other team is not going to just give it to you. you have to fight for it.

i guess staying passive is not gonna solve my problems. even if going down this road is gonna be painful and rough, at least i can say i tried.

but me being my stubborn self, even if i fail, i’ll never totally give up, i’ll just use another excuse and try again

One thought on “a more relaxing entry

  1. that excuse better be a damn good one to deserve all this pain and time

    anyway, it’s good to let the body and mind relax before an intense week, sleep is always more important than studying time because u need to be alert

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