menopause vs puberty.

supposed to be on math, but 30 seconds ago, my mum screamed at me so made me write this entry. for i did was turn off the lights to save the environment, so to speak.

well apparently she came back in and decided to scream a few more words

she came back in the third time. pretty amazing i have to say for a spazz

yes, not what i would say as a benevolent parent.

so lemme examine the cause of her spazz. i go out see her turning out unncecessary lights, shit wrong move. and then i turn them back on saying sorry.

too late, she storms into the room, screams to me how i she made every penny to make me grow up i have no right to criticize, changer her, laugh at her, or try to change who she is.

fine makes sense. so then i go back to work, rmb never to turn off her lights again.

so she storms back into the room for another time. this time random shit about how she spent so much effort, money caring about me. how i broke her heart by not waking early enough to write her a card for mother’s day (since my brother made one, i signed it). and she looked all happy that day when i gave her sth. well whatever. then she goes on shit about me breaking her heart. i’m like WTF. when did i break her heart. not sending a card or just working my ass off, forgetting to say hi, and getting screamed at for that. it just seems oh so relevant for me.

kinda outrageous, but i’ll just assume it’s that pms thing. whatever

ok i sit back then. third time she storms in, so i’m thinking wonder what bullshit she can think of this time. AMAZING. killer. goes back to how she took care of me every single Sunday, while leaving my brother to the maids. now that’s one super relevant thing to say about just becuase i turned off your lights.

so you see, sometimes it’s not really the kids who’re going through puberty that cause the argument, but just the mum who overreacts to every tiny thing in the world.

and yes, afterwards, the kid always loose. i don’t wanna have a terrible relationship with my mum, so i’m kinda probably pretend to be sorry and giver her a hug and say sorry. YES pathetic and idiotic. amazing how you’re the victim and you still have to take care of shit.


One thought on “menopause vs puberty.

  1. Jason, don’t think about the relevance, but rather think about the truth and meaning and the hurt and frustration in what your mother says

    yes I totally agree with you that the manner of expression and time of expression was wrong on your mother’s part, but if you think about it, did anything she say was far from the truth? is the relationship a mere take-take relationship or a give-take, think of more about what you can do more than what you did not do, or what the other did not do.

    there’s no point in moaning about being scold at, think about the context, the meaning, and why your mother would say that, if she doesn’t have a point at all and all of what she’s saying is utter lies, then I guess there’s nothing you can do but to sit back and continue to do your work, but if there is an ounce of truth, then work on it and try to be just a little more just so you can pay back what we can never do in a life time

    sorry I don’t sound very supportive, but I believe that we have a duty, and if you’re surprised that victims have to bear the responsibility, well, go read Confucius’ Analects, I’m sure it’ll make your life a lot happier! seriously, lol

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