for the whole weekend, i’ve been thinking of doing an entry about the greatness of men, about the ultimate survivors who made it through five days without eating, of the heroes who saved others with their bare hands

the people who were saved out, one might consider them the luckiest people of the world

but think about the days ahead of them, what do you think of now?

the hardest part is not to live with a one less leg, or one less arm
the hardest part is to realize that your loved ones is somewhere far away, looking at you from above

these people ask why they weren’t the ones who sacrificed themselves
why weren’t they the heroes
why were they left alone

some people are forever stuck in that timeless capsule, recalling the images of the past, of the decision they could have made
they are in a valley where there is no tomorrow

to escape this valley, you must be a “survivor”
you “survive” knowing that you were given a second change, and that you shouldn’t waste it
you “survive” by wiping your tears and cherishing you have
you “survive” only able to recale images of the people you love
you “survive” by leaving the past, and embracing the future

if you can walk about of that deep valley, then you have man’s greatest strength


One thought on “"survivors"

  1. I can’t help agreeing with you Jason, these are words of wisdom indeed, go on like this and u’ll be great!

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