fickle? yes and no

probably sounds weird coming from me after those depressing entries but you know ian is right, although i can’t support it with any evidence. she probably does not want me to be sad and moping

i’ll look at this as a challenge from God, as a challenge from him to see if i really deserve this girl.
and it’s not like being teary and depressed will make me any closer to her. i’ve just gotta deal with the situation i’m in now

life is too short. we can’t be pulled down my sad things because there are still so many things to explore and enjoy. don’t be afraid. as long as we live, we still have the power to enjoy our lives

to some of my friends
don’t be afraid. take out your courage. don’t stand there and think what is going to happen. Do it because before you know it your chance may be gone already.

great people are great because they ahve the courage to do things other do not. they are the pioneers who take out their courage and do something “Crazy”. we don’t have to lead millions of people, inspire thousands, free hundreds to be great. just by doing something courgeous, you have already done something great, much more than you can imagine.

so trust me on this. life is too short for you to waste. take our your courage and do it.


One thought on “fickle? yes and no

  1. this is great Jason, u r reli moving on now, let’s put it this way, God gave you a challenge, let’s see if u can weather the storm, and if u come out a wiser, more careful person, who knows wt would happen later? u may or may not have a second chance, but in the meantime, live life to its fullest, and u’ll be great

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