one and only: YOU

we humans are unique

we look different, we think differently, we are special

but there is one phenomenon that humans keep doing

they look to belong to a group

rmb the times when you were in a group with your friends

rmb the facebook groups that range from favorite stars to weird elevator clicking habbits in a group because of your interest

in a group because of your activities

we love forming groups, it makes them feel like they belong somewhere

the whole world is just one big group composed of countries, cities, districts, neighborhoods, buildings, floors, units, families.

i’m sure you all have had the experience when you felt out of place. WHY? because you did not belong anywhere. you were all by yourself, alone, “group”less.

but this is also where we can become better

if you can find the courage to be “group”less and unique and individual and daring to voice yourself, people will start to follow you

a group is always started by ONE person. so you have to step up to be that one person.

Be different, be daring and be unique because you only have one chance at life.


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