Writing out my story of life

i was looking at this title today

and i was thinking of some cooler name

with words that make a life seem like a story

then it just hit me, life was never about making it perfect

it never meant to have a beginning, a good plot, an ending or even a synopsis at the back

how can we define when our “story” begins. you would say the moment we start breathing. but is that really a beginning. that’s the beginning of our physical life, but is it of our mental life when we start to see the world through our own eyes, your own eyes.

some people define this as the day they realized they had an extraordinary gift, some define as the day they met someone, some people define it as a day they realized sth.

my life story did not start with once upon a time nor with in a faraway kingdom. it started with ellipsis

a life story has no perfect plot. there are bound to be unncessary chapters and one way ends, bound to be typos and bound to be moments when the readers says HOLY ****. no way. some people try so hard to live inside their circle, trying to be safe. but i say jump out of it. and write those stupid unnecessary chapters, and make typos, make grammar mistakes, because it wasn’t meant to be a story

where does it end?

people like to say “his spirit lives on” others say he dies the moment he stops breathing

who is to define the ending. you can’t cuz you can’t really the story with the end.

finally, the synopsis.

a synopsis is basically what is important in the book right? the most exciting parts that changes the course of the story. but again, who defines it. can we? can we objectively choose all the things that most impacted our lives. we would love the choose the happiest moments, but are they true? don’t painful moments change our lives as well.

yes life is a “story” but one with beginning, end, unnecessary pages, typos, grammer mistakes, no synopsis but one that is unique.

One thought on “Writing out my story of life

  1. so true my good friend

    I believe we can all subjectively choose different paths and write different chapters in our life, and who knows which ones are necessary or unnecessary, there’s no such thing as an unnecessary chapter, we all live in a certain way that might be predetermined, and yet we still have the free choice

    so live on, live great, live with passion, with decision, with ambition, with dream and with goals, that is the power of life, that is the love of life, and that is what we all live for

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