after one week of long hard thinking

currently listening to the call – regina spektor

i’ve thought it through about that whole passionate love vs simple love thing

yeah it’s really amazing to have some kind of passionate love. but is it worth it.

i rmb how sad i usually was with “her”, worried i wasn’t doing enough, worried that she was suddenly going to fall for another guy, worried that she might someday reject me, worried constantly

yeah it made me really go nuts on her, but i didn’t think it was worth of all those anxious mornings, worried afternoons, sleepless nights

wasn’t a relationship all about being happy? all about the two people enjoy themselves, feeling at ease and happy with each other’s company

and yes i did feel that when i was with carmen. that warmness, that joyfulness. for the first time in how many months, i really felt that happiness without any worry, any fear that something ominious might happen

thx you for respecting my decision, for loving me all through the times that i have doubted myself and this relationship. in fact, i’m really happy i made this decision. yes, i am. thank you and i love you

: ) ian, this is for you. haha


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