the brain that degrades

currently listening to Thriller, Billie Jean, Beat it by Michael Jackson

a lot of people like maturity. it makes us more socially acceptable, more thoughtful, more “grown up”

but i view maturity as the human mind degrading

when we mature, we don’t really think that much more complex or thoughtful. what we actually are is thinking with a mindset that has been imposed on us as more acceptable by the society

grown ups are mature, cuz they follow rules, they don’t create problems or fusses but isn’t that why not all people become great

great people have to be immature. they have to break rules, make people go like “why would you do that?”. it’s definitely not socially acceptable but that’s where these people are different.

they don’t follow rules, they create their own. they by themselves can change the way how people think

kids are not mature. you were a kid once, we break rules, we need attention. we are immature

but with this kiddish thinking, you’ll be different and in power to influence the people around you.


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