the darkness of night

currently listening to the silence of the night

i’m starting to realize something is that i love nightime

esp the times when everyone is asleep and i’m the only one awake.

when it’s during this time of the day, you’re pretty sleepy but you still have consciousness

right now your brain is very “real”, what i mean is that you are so tired that you no longer try to force your brain to think a certain way.

you are just so tired that whatever flows into your mind is your natural instinct, your true feeling, what you truly truly want.

most of my epiphanies have also come from this time of the day. after walking around for tons of times around the living room or listening to a motivational song, your brain just clicks

it’s very soothing to just stand there in the dark with all the lights off and look around you, the tranquility, the peace, the silence

my dream home is going to have my bedroom on the top floor with a glass ceiling.

every night, i’ll watch the stars till i sleep wrapping my arms around someone i love. wow. what a dream

if only they could come true.


One thought on “the darkness of night

  1. I know exactly wt u mean, I feel the same way all the time, however dun let that “clear” feeling carry u away, some time it still wouldn’t be the “best” decision or thoughts u would hv

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