life as a tree

a good way to explain life using a tree as an analogy.

i’ve had this in my mind for a long time but never quite made out the specifics

tree analogy

life is like a tree.

everyone is born as a baby, similar to the seedling that we grow from

then we grow and make decisions

decision we make is like a split in a branch. if we choose A, we will
end up on the side of the split. if we choose B, we will end up on the
other side of the split

in the end, this tree has loads of branches that shows the many different paths our lives could have taken

but the life we have now is only one of them.

like a normal tree, the branches all have different heights. some of
them are on the top and receive the most sunlight like people on the
top who get the most money and fame.

people on the bottom don’t get as much sunlight, but they position is
very comfortable. not the first to bear the wind or the rain.

fortunately, this tree is a special species. it’s branches go in all
sorts of directions. so if we keep making the right decision, we’ll
always end up where we want

One thought on “life as a tree

  1. the highest point may not be the happiest point or the best point for u, so grow in the way that’s best for u, and u’ll be great and happy

    this analogy corresponds well with the old Chinese saying “Ten years Plant Tree, Hundred Years Nurture Man” think abt it

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