spazz to a friend now a jerk

i rmb you

you used to be this genuine, funny guy who i rmb sharing jokes with, hanging out with

although it was only 6 months that i spent with you, you had already become my past pal, going down in my books as a really cool and neat guy


what happened?

you turned from this nice guy into this inhumane jerk who beats up people who you feel are less worthy than you

you beat up ppl who annoy you, yeah! well a lot of people are annoying. so are you gonna beat up all your annoying co workers when you go into the real world.

i rmb confiding some of my secrets you, hoping that you would keep them to yourself for ever. what happened?
you turned around and told all your friends. for what? to show that you more loyal to them than your once best friend.

i rmb you, following all the rules of your parents. no late nights out, no playing during term time,

what happened?

you started drinking. you went out with girls you didn’t even like. you went to a party which got raided, and you didn’t go home. you continued with your friends and got wasted in a bar in sheung wan

what is wrong with you?

i was right to say what i said today
“i rmb you as a genuine person, beer damaged your personality”

yes i am pissed of what you are now. i wanna punch you up and beat you senseless.

i wnat you to know what it feels like for someone to be let down.
just look in the mirror and see how you’ve changed from a person to a jerk.

good luck is all i can say.


One thought on “spazz to a friend now a jerk

  1. o Jason, o Jason, some time I juz want to walk up to u and call u drama queen, but ur not, u just happen to be so unlucky all the time

    I hope whoever this is not changing u too, trust me, as much as we would like to think it, we’ll never be able to be best of friends with international school kids, that’s y the two of us, not being in the same school for 4 yrs, we’re still best of friends, or at least I hope we are, I think so

    dun get too pissed, things happen

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