walking dead

it is certainly kind of depressing to believe that i may be more stressed out than i am during term time

summer, to me is like a restore/update period.

during these two months, i usually travel around the world, go to
summer camp, sleep hazily at home and listen to the crickets quirk in
the midsummer night.

i reorganize my room, i reorganize my computer files, i reorganize my
priorities in life and get ready for next academic year. it is also a
good time for self reflection and time to think about how to improve
myself as a person.

i guess i finally got a taste of what life would be like for me if i had no restore/update time during this summer

now, i have lessons everyday of the week except sunday

SAT: twice a week,math,french,mandarin: once a week
tuba/euph: twice a week, cello: twice a week (in preparation for music exam)

on top of all of that: working at my mom’s during the morning every single week day

it’s not really the work that’s getting me stressed, but people who actully give me pressure.

first of all,

my euph teacher is the one giving me the most pressure. constantly riding me, killing me, forcing me to do better


my mom, always giving me these lectures about how to be a good son, a
good man, oh god. i’m gonna either die from boredom or some kind of
guilty virus which she is trying to plant into me.


myself. yeah i guess i give myeslf the most pressure. i’m a sore loser
so i always try to do my best. in this case, get the highest mark on
SAT, music exams

so here i am, really stressed out.

i dun know how i’ll be able to handle adult life if i can’t even stand
a summer with a bit or work. guess i’ll have to work my way around it.
but seriously, life without summer (update/restore time) seems
impossible for a person like me.

thank god for one thing though

that i have you. everytime you smile, i just smile from inside too.
you may be so predictable, laughing at my lamest jokes.
but everytime you laugh/smirk, i just can’t stop but share your joy.
yes, that gift is you.


One thought on “walking dead

  1. c’mon Jason, u can do this, I’m actually going to hv the same if not more that u do in August

    it’s a humble preparation for adult life, and u r very right

    do wt u can, and it’s some time alright to be kind and honest with ur mom, and whenever they go on a roll, just click off, and nob ur head, it reli works, nothing comes in yet they don’t annoy u that much

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