currently listening to Lizst Hungarian Raphsody No. 2 (God, perfect song for that title)

Destiny, life, words we often blame for our misfortunes.

are they entirely excuses? i’m sure i’m not the only who will say that events when we least expect or want them to happen

injuries when we don’t need them

surgeries when we least want them

school transfers when we last expect them

death when we least expect them

could life be a more ironic place?

sometimes i ask myself jokingly whether God is listening to our prayers or is he creating problems for us so that he has prayers to listen

it just seems that i’m sure everyone would agree that something always disturbs life, the order when we finally feel that life is getting manageable

something is always there to make life more complicated and sophisticated than it already is.

as the last note rings in the song in the air, and fades away

and as my scorning emotion rests…

i guess this is the way life is, and the only way not to drive yourself insane is to accept it as it is.


One thought on “Destiny

  1. Jason, God allows things to happen so that we learn, we mature, we can see things happen, God created us and created the world, He loves us, but He loves us so that we have to learn to be independent, some times it has to be the hard way

    don’t doubt God’s plans, God’s decisions, it’s not up to u and I to do that

    however, I won’t lie, I get frustrated abt stuff tooo

    and ironies are part of life, it’s wt make life so unpredictable, fun and unexpected

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