bubble is popped

the bubble

every teenager lives in a bubble, a bubble of themselves.

we live in a world where we believe that we are the center of

everything revolves around us, everything we have is because of our own efforts

and sometimes, it reaches a point where we think it is OK to be a bit selfish in this sense. selfish of our glory, of our achievements, believing it was all our OWN work

but lately, i’ve been learning to think otherwise and was finally convinced by my aunt

she used a very simple example.

i’m going to work now, i hate it. then she told me to think of our parents, of how they worked for twenty or thirty years for us to grow.

this was enough of an example to show much they have sacrificed for us


One thought on “bubble is popped

  1. o geez, this is great Jason, juz great, u’ve actally helped me too to get over this work thing

    hai… let’s pull thru this wretched life together, one way or another

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