in an unpredictable world where we are exposed to experiences and things that could change our lives everyday, nothing can be for certain

in a ever changing world where the weird could become the norm the next day, even our most affirmed thoughts can change over night.

in the modern world where there’s always an influx of information bombarding us and confusing us, it’s hard to keep still and remain uninfluenced.

often times, i stop and question myself, whether i’m doing the “right” thing, the most moralistic one.

but lately, i have wanted to consider another more fundamental question – whether i’ve been doing things “my” way or have i been just pretending to be someone i am not.

and this seemingly simple yet frustrating question has brought about a lot of self reflection and pondering

the problem with thinking is that there is always a bias even within our own brain.

our natural instinct tell us something is true, however our brains tell another story. the brain tries to offer the “better” story, the story that makes more sense, that makes us feel like “better” people, that makes it easier for us to explain to the world and convince ourselves

so i’ve decided to embark on this journey.

to mark my results and progress on this journey, this will be my evidence

so the following will be a series of questions. it’s more for me to self reflect. there are two parts to the question, my natural instinct and also my thoughts – the “Better” version

who am i?

if i could improve on things about myself, what would i choose?

what is love?

what type of girl do i like

what is your opinion about life

what is your opinion about the modern world?

what does success represent to me?

what is your greatest dream?

the list will be continued if i have more questions for myself to answer.


One thought on “shumone

  1. haha it’ll also be better for u to think this out without knowing there is an audience, where u can just write reli reli freely abt wt ur mind tells u to and wt ur heart tells u to

    then when u look bk, all will be clear

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