family episodes


i finally realized where you failed as a parent, your belief that everything and anything will according to your wish, command

i guess you’ve been lucky that for the past 16 or so years, everything has gone to your plan

a church, an office with 4 branches, two good sons, one “intact” family, a nice home, even had time for an orphanage with 3 going to 5 locations

but something you have not realized is that people FEAR you.

we act in line with you because we fear you, because you have the money, because you have the power to withhold our priveleges

for the last millionth time, why do you blame your own FUCKING SON’s problems on a maid who really has tried her best to be a good guardian

why do you think all your staff laugh at your stupid jokes, BECAUSE you give them their salary.

i have you can realize this when you wake up some morning, because if not, you’re gonna push away the people closest to you.

sry mum, another hate entry


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