13 cards

currently listening to “love song to remember” by jamie scott

life is like playing big 2. we are given a set of cards, 13 in total.

some people get aces, some get 2’s, and some just get down right crap cards.

you could argue that life is predetermined because your cards reflect how likely you are gonna win

but i say that the way you play your cards could bring your victory.

so many people whine why life happens this way.

even i do

but after you’ve cried your eyes out, or moaned enough, please think about how you can play the cards you have in your hands, and make yourself win

we see people who come out from the black gangster neighborhoods and become rich businessmen, or professors

and we also see people who come from a appulent family and end up relying on pension from the government

there is also some degree of luck in this card game. but i think that god rewards those who are hardworking.

so you know, play your cards well, smart, and you might just win the game.

but rmb that you can only play ONE game. so play it smart.


One thought on “13 cards

  1. but also rmb in the ONE game u hv 13 cards, so each card if well played, or even not well played, there is always room for recovery and coming back

    but always rmb if a card is used, it is used, and so memories and experiences of the past should be used and done, and never brough bk again, it doesn’t help thinking abt o how I could hv used the other card, it is done, make the best of the remaining hand, and do it differently

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