the same feeling, same girl

currently listening to bleeding love by leona lewis

i know ian, that i shouldn’t think about this. but for the past two days, this thought has been kinda bothering me so i thut i could clear about my thoughts on here

yesterday, a group dinner with jun, they invited both carmen and katherine

and to MY own surprise, i actually looked at katherine more.

from a logical point of view, shouldn’t i care about carmen more since i had just broke up with her and that she was also going to leave for good

yet my eyes, just moved over to her.

i did what i promised. i forgot her. when i look at her now, those memories from two years ago don’t flood back.

yet, she still seems as captivating as she used to be.

her laughter was somehow reminiscent of the pure laughter children had but i guess i shouldn’t let my thoughts wander too far.

i know it’s impossible, and i don’t even plan to do anything


the feeling is slowly lurking upon me again.

i keep bleeding, keep keep bleeding love

you cut me open and i keep bleeding love

life is full of ironies, haha. both of us having these weird feelings again. lol


One thought on “the same feeling, same girl

  1. ah… fk u Jason sometimes even someone as strong as I will break the logical and reasonable barrier for impulsive decisions, and u know that well

    but still, I think in this case it’s a matter of self discipline and thinking for the greater good

    for urself, for her, not being involved or reminiscient is better, it allows ur life to move on

    savoring the gd memories are gd, but dun dwell on them, life carries on and continues to change and evolve, like it or not

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