week of meditation

this weekend, i’ve been kind of blessed that i’m getting lots of ideas in me, lots of thoughts. i don’t wanna dwelve into them one by one, and write a single post about each one of them.

so the following is just a list and some basic supporting facts

1) the three requirements for a successful leader

– good interpersonal skills, know how to make people respect you and be loyal to you, sowing seeds of kindness in people and hopefully they will repay you when you are in peril. using the most of these people, utilizing them to their maximum potential

– decisive, intelligent, able to make the right calls, the right decisions when the staff goes the wrong way, having a good overview perspective of the future of the organization/co-operation.

-hardworking. every successful leader or business person in history will tell you that nothing is pure luck. you may get lucky but only because you’ve put enough effort into it. in the stories of successful leaders, we always hear about the time they spent in the office, the time they made sure everything was right, and the time they went forward with an idea nobody believed them in

-guts, having guts doesn’t mean you blindly go into doing something. it means when you have a choice, a situation where the odds aren’t on your side, but you have faith and hope in this idea. when you go ahead and roll the dice, then you have guts.

2) i have much to do, and i’m finding a bit overwhelming. i did have a thought yesterday that the stuff i planned for this summer was over my abilities. but thanks to yesterday’s tuba lesson, i’m happy to say i’m on the bright side again

3)getting over your “mountain”

-everyone has a mountain. some of them are fear of water. some have the fear of being unloved. and mine is the fear of not getting over that mountain of vocab. but thanks to a friend, who made me understand that the only way to overcome this fear/mountain, is to understand that there is a mountain. and in fact, only hardwork will let you scale this mountain and reach its summit.

if you have understood this, i’m sure your mountain will feel much more scalable now.

4) depression over death
5) finding of reason to live during old age
6) was everyone naturally gifted but just not given the opportunity
7) 2nd generation vs 3rd generation
8 ) parallels between batman and Jesus
9) love language. learn how to love other in ways they want to be loved
10)good vs evil. that everyone is still good very very fundamentally. (batman)
11) i love songs and movies that have happy endings, generic sounds, it’s boring but it makes me happy
12) i’m a optimistic since young age, understand that there is no fair world, we just have to live with it and do our best.
13)understanding my mother’s work for the past 18 years
14) understanding how my brother has been so annoying in the past 13 years, but i still have to love him
15) the fresh view/talent of the new ones
16) humans are social creatures, we dont’ work hard for nothing. we work hard to be recognized
17) suaveness, coolness, tse yin. man of nonchalance

to you, this probably doesn’t make any sense. but i’ve been so blessed and filled with the spirit this weekend. God just entered me and made me shout out words only could be gifted by him.

and to top everything up, i listened to “now we are free” by the gliadiator.

i jsut feelt all the stress, pressure just slide down my back.

this is better than masturbating. haha jkjk. now that was a bit sick


One thought on “week of meditation

  1. wow for a minute I tht that was my post, especially the bad taste joke at the end

    but wow that’s a gd list uve put in there, and we rlei reli hv to talk abt batman in that movie coz there’s so much abt religion, society and morals int hat movie

    I think u’ve got all the qualities of a leader, some more amplified than others but they’re all there, stick with tehm and u’ll be ove rr moutain soonner than later

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