what am i?

currently listening to rachmaninoff prelude opus 23. no.5

today, i was looking into the mirror.

and there i stand, 5 feet 7, 14x pounds. things i’m certain of: i’m not gonna be an athlete or a actor/model

it’s kinda of those eureka moments.

you see yourself in your reflection. and you realize of all the things you wish you coudl become when you were still a little boy, that you can only become some of them

then the worst part, the realization that our life is gonna take only one path.

i also dreamed of becoming many things

of becoming the president, athlete competing at the olympics, actor at the oscars

and now i realize, most likely i will never become the forthmentioned three things.

there isn’t really a negative or positive feeling associated it, negative perhaps.

with the limited number of doors still opened to me, i have to choose.

we are born with different talents which make these doors actually easier or harder to get through.

i just hope that i can experience more and more in life

One thought on “what am i?

  1. life is longer than we think and shorter than we hope

    there is no single chance or single path

    the path is set and continuous, but the turns and the way is still out there for us to tread

    wtever ur dreams are, so long as they are barely reasonable, there’s always a chance that one day u can do it, and u can make it

    maybe u won’t, and most probably I won’t make the top point of my dreams either, but it doens’t stop us from trying rihgT? i mean part of life is failing, but at least we’ve tried, dun give up

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