the structure of my personality

watching at probably one of the most beautiful sunrises i’ve ever seen in my life (which could probably be counted with my ten fingers), my mind very randomly drifted to my personality

over these past few days, we’ve been travelling throughout the east coast of USA, looking at universities by the basket, 9 in total up till today (which would be 5 days)

every school has its personality and while i was examining all of these. at the same time, i was examining my own personality, esp with my parents around for comparison

so here is a short checklist for the personalities my parents have and i don’t have or vice versa.

i have my dad’s sense of direction (part of it)

and my mom’s amazing interpersonal skills and being tactful (part of it)

i have my mom’s humbleness and also her ability to get extremely “into” something

i have my dad’s decisiveness and my mom’s patience

i have my mom’s kind and moralistic, justified, heart and my dad’s analytical power

i have my father’s impulsive side and my mom’s nit-picking bad habbit.

i have my mother’s clumsiness and my dad’s nosiness

i have my father’s attraction to hot girls and my mom’s attraction to smart people. (therefore, my girlfriend is gonna be hot and smart. haha)

i have my parent’s traits of being outspoken, authoritative and hardworking

however, it’s ironic but there are some traits that both my parents share but i don’t

i don’t share their strong focus when it comes to working or planning ahead or adventurous

but traits that only i have is having a very original mind and also a very, very good understanding of how people think and behave.

yeah. i think that’s it

One thought on “the structure of my personality

  1. haha I’m probably the only person that would not read this as egotistical and showing off

    it’s a very gd detailed description, and as u start to discover urself it also helps in deciding wt sch in the end would suit u more, keep it up bro

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