28 years later (with lots of luck)

walking into the apoclyia bar, classic rock music playing in the background with faded photographs and plastic menu boards, I felt like I had returned to the 80s. it was ironic though when i realized I was in a university bar not a museum or by any chance, a sightseeing street.
It was both funny and ironic, listening to my father talk about this place where he spent six years of his youth, idling on the field, working in the in the library or washing in the restaurant. it was really nostalgic for him, since it was here where it all started, where he was given a second life to create his own future.
The idea itself was almost a bit hard to conceive as we drove around the campus, only able to distinguish the rough outline of a building from the faint pedestrian lights. I mean the place seemed so dull and boring and yet my father spent six years here.
I imagined him walking down the streets on a spring morning, and during the harsh winter nights. I pictured him as a bored person just waiting for a chance to come to him and hopefully he’ll be able to leave this place.
He did after 6 years. But it was only with extreme luck that has brought him to what he is today. I guess my mother was right on this one. Your education does determine your success in life to some extent. Being in the city setting already provided with many more opportunities and chances to meet people. But luck does play a big part. And I’m sure going around with a resume with education in Syracuse university won’t do me much good.
I’m very lucky my parents took my on this tour. It gave me a really good perspective of what I want and what I need. These few days have really changed my perspective on universities and I know that I must work hard now to get what I want (and extreme luck)


One thought on “28 years later (with lots of luck)

  1. I’m glad uve got incentive to work hard, but as a famous person once said, “Don’t let schooling affect your education”, and I think as much as a gd college degree can earn u some respect in social circles and maybe a nudge at applying to work, it reli doesnt’ make that much of a difference in ur education

    education is abt the development of the mind and the learning of how to deal with the real world, is the ivy league bubble quite real? not reli, it’s still a sheltered scholaraly place, it’s more schooling then educating

    so altho I myself would also lk to and hope for and work for a gd sch, I dun think it’s the end of the day if I dun get into one

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