empty inside

lately i’ve had this empty feeling

and i’ve tried to test it out, to isolate that feeling by doing everything i usually do

eat, go on msn, read, go on fb, write a blog

but it turns out i realized that the empty feeling was because i didn’t get to a girl i like

i dun know but i kinda miss the nights when i slept at 3 just to talk to someone.

i liked it at first, i coudl sleep. but now, i kinda miss it

too bad, all the girls i wanna talk to are either in a different time zone or refuse to talk to me.

awesome, jason


One thought on “empty inside

  1. haha, HA Ha, o man y does every boy hv to go thru this, like seriously

    it’s a harsh world, harsh ppl, and harsh circumstances, we meet ppl who we can be best frds for ever, they end up living in a rmeote village in italy, u meet the girl of ur dreams, she’s taken away from u by sheer bad luck

    it happens, we learn and we deal with it

    man this world sucks

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