the mysteries of adolescent

everyone my age is now sucked up with alcohol, and members of the opposite sex

i mean seriously, when you hear about your younger cousins make out with strangers they meet at the bar

what’s gonna be next.

but here i am, not as corrupted as some of others, not dependent on the consumption of alcohol or on the sexual explorings with the opposite sex

i ahve to say, it feels weird. either i’m too much of a good boy, or i just havne’t had a chance too.

either way,

i haven’t been to a crazy party

i haven’t drunk at a party

haven’t been drunk

haven’t made out with a stranger

haven’t grinded anyone

haven’t considered making out with a stranger or going to a crazy party

i’m not far off from becoming teh world’s last teenage virgin


2 thoughts on “the mysteries of adolescent

  1. can’t exactly say that I’m in the same shoes

    but I can say that ur not alone, and there’s no shame in being where u r

    doing those things don’t make u any cooler or less cooler than anyone, it just makes a statement and shows some character, but not much

    what really matters is ur intellect and personality, and core values, those can’t be shaken

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