the ultimate weakness of the dragon

walking on that bridge, i was walking on no mans land. figuratively, i
was walking from present to past

literally, i was walking from hong kong to china

when i “entered” china, the whole country felt, looked so inferior
even though i was less than 100 feet away. the difference, gap was

you could say i was biased, but it would be kinda weird to say i was
biased against the chinese, when in fact i am chinese

but i was reading the newsweek article about china. it was absolute
accurate in most points, about the country’s feelings, thoughts,
thinkings, plans, even used a few terms that my father had.

china was using the olympics as the coming out party, winning gold
medals to prove it’s superiority, supremacy on the global stage

besides its glorious surface, underneath is a world filled with
terror, hunger, abuse and mistreatment.

think of the crimes that happen in shenzhen, where people cut of
others hands to steal rolexes, kidnapp people in broad daylight.

the corrupt underworld of politics and relations with everyone. in
china, nothing was more important than people relations.

everything was relations. everyone was greedy, everyone wanted a
biggest peice for themselves.

that was also the fundamentally the biggest problem of our people: selfishness.

if you walk around look enough in china with a lenient eye, its not
hard to pick out the selfishness in people.

from the person, who runs to the empty mtr seat when he sees it even
though an old woman is walking towards is

or the person who spoits on the ground without thinking of the person
whose going to step on it.

the chinese only thought about themselves, the biggest inferiority of
this nation of people when in fact it was showing the girl it was the
supreme, the alpha.

this fundamental weakness will also birng the downfall of chinese


One thought on “the ultimate weakness of the dragon

  1. I disagree with the fact that only the Chinese are fundamentally selfish, I think that all humans are innately selfish in way, however, through development and civilization, slowly a nation can come to its senses and act in a better way and help each other
    England and America in their industrialization periods were also filled with streets of thugs and large populations of uncivilized people, but after the development and passage of time, both countries slowly learned the proper ways of life that a civilized country should have
    besides, China boasts the longest and deepest moral history, and it is not all lost even now, and we can always reclaim, give it time, give it the right people, and China can rise once again

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