the beginning of skl

the crashing of lockers

the slamming of textbooks

the talking in the corridors

the running in the hallways

the sighs from the mention of the word ‘homework’

all of my senses told me that summer was over and school has begun.

but my heart was still at my computer desk idling, day dreaming, thinking about life mysteries

it took me a while before i realized that school had reallly started, and out of the corner of my eye i recognized me from grade 10

i saw ‘him’ running up the stairs, with only one thing on his mind (wht else right?).

‘he’ was so thoughtful, ‘he’ wanted the best for everyone, ‘he’ thought about the future

i looked at myself, and saw the antithesis of that old me

the me now has no thoughts for the future, has not thoughts for others, it’s about living the moment, and enjoying every emotion, every experience life brings

you might think i’m reckless but let’s face it, how many more reckless years can we really have.

right now, we have no worries, we only need to do our part and work hard, and behave acceptably. that’s it

but what about in uni. the right friends, the right classes, the right major, the right professors, i still haven’t started on the ecas.

what’s next. work? the right job, the right colleagues, the right industry, the right department, the right boss, the right city, the right lifestyle.

what happens if you have a wife or even a family then.

the list just keeps adding on until really, you die.

so my friends, enjoy your life, enjoy every moment. don’t weep for a sad day, enjoy that you actually had one because you don’t know when will your last one be.

then, we may finally truly understand the essence of life


One thought on “the beginning of skl

  1. haha, that is one way to look at life as a ever continuing approach to death, and I agree with u that we should live every day as it is and worry abt wt’s immediately ahead of us

    however, it is no sin to have a vision, it is no sin to dream, and it is no sin to think what could be done

    whether or not those dreams are realized is another matter, but to be able to have those dreams at least it meaningful and part of our life experience

    meanwhile, let’s dread on every day of work and class and get the most out of it as we can YAY!

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