the last day of summer 08

ending a summer with a music exam wasn’t one of the things i was expecting before summer started

if this summer has been anything, i think eventful is the right word

from the relationship, to the work, to the trip, to the music, to the service, it’s been a one jam packed two months

i look back and realize i didn’t really go out and drink and go crazy

but this doesn’t meant i didn’t have any fun. rather, i feel more prepared, more excited for skl than i ever was

so i hope that i can really fulfill the promise i made to myself

who include too many things that i will reveal another day.


One thought on “the last day of summer 08

  1. I congratulate you on all that you did during ur summer, it’s ridiculous how much u can handle, and I can only aspire but never become wt u r

    I think it is gd that both of us try to use our time wisely to gain experiences to further our knowledge and wisdom, and also to discover ourselves better, it is one thing to just do thing, it’s another to do things and learn from them

    yeehah Jason, well done

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