the thoughts of the rain

i got off the taxi ten minutes walk from my place because i was in a carpool

i started walking.

it started to drizzle

i walked faster

it rained harder.

i walked even faster, broke to a jog

it rained even harder, became a shower

i started jogging faster, became a sprint

it rain harder, became a downpour

the less humored would have called it a joke from God

the more tolerant would have called the irony of life

but i was mad, i was laughing at one of the most enjoyable moments in my life

people always say rain refreshes the land, but i saw it refreshes the soul and mind

the rain landed on my skin with grace

my cotton t-shirt and jeans quickly soaked up all the rain water

my glasses were spotted with dots

the rainwater entered my eyes, clouded my vision.

but my tongue was dancing around, savoring every raindrop that would enter

the world around me was clouded by a fog of rain

a woman ran past me in athletic gear, she smiled at me, seeming as to enjoy this moment.

i already had the biggest grin that i could remember

if you looked at me from afar, i was quite a sight

soaked clothes from top to bottom, cutting through the blanket of rain but smiling

right at that moment, i felt i was from the rocky movie, where the vision was clouded by the pouring rain,
where the protagonist had his head down and his mind only on one thing

for the longest time i could remember, this was the first time my mind was focused on such an animal instinct, reaching my home door.

i ran as hard as i could, just as any animal would do to find shelter

i reached my homedoor, i pressed the bell multiple times

but i realized i should have stayed in the rain, let the rain go through me, and refresh me from the inside-out.

i don’t expect you to follow here because i ran as hard as a i could, but i still wanted to be in the rain running to wherever it brought me to.

but i had to go home, to change, to prepare for the “real world” where no one walked around soaked.

you know how humans always act according to social norms, doing the appropriate things, well try for once or twice just to break the rules, and do something unexpected

when you do, people might find you mental, but you’ll find the joy in some of those crazy things you do

i stood at my door waiting

my body was soaked with rain, but my mind and soul felt so refreshed

i wish i could stay in the rain longer

my maid saw me, she was shocked.

i laughed, looked back in the rain and smiled.

One thought on “the thoughts of the rain

  1. this is awesome Jason, ur posts have been more and more optimistic and realistic and I think it is a good transformation for you

    being able to feel refreshed is a very important aspect of our lives, whether it is just throwing off work and dance your ass off in a dance, or running in the rain, or standing in the shower for 20 mins, it is water that somehow always cleanses us

    it is not by mere chance that baptism uses water, because it is a refreshing of the soul, the cleansing of the sins and the symbol of new life

    keep up the momentum and u will enjoy the life that God has given you

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