many times upon life

we ask ourselves if we’ve walked the “right” road

we think about the decisions we’ve made.

just since beginning of skl, i’ve already had to made 3 decisions

(physics vs music
v-ball team vs academics
seasac robotics vs academics)

we can’t really compare since we’ve either chosen one or the either, so we assume and try to prove that we made a right choice by comparing ourselves with a standard

let’s for example i chose music over physics

in order to prove my point, i would have to have a higher percentile in music (compared to my grade)

than i would have in physics in order to prove that it was correct i chose music.

i’m probably not making any sense but i’m posting this at 1am in the morning on a firdaynight/saturday morning.

(i wil edit it when i have time)


One thought on “pondering

  1. there is never a single right road

    there is a road of the obvious, the road that rationally seemed to outweigh all others

    but there are always roads that don’t seem to add up but count in the emotional standards, the passions, the likings, and the circumstances

    therefore whatever road is taken, there is no regret, pursue what is best from that road, and take what could be taken, one day those benefits will return, for better or for worse

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