getting old theory

when people get old, they get content with their present situation, no matter what it is

you seldomly see an old man or woman desperately fighting for sth

when people approach being old, the idea that “i will never become ………” starts to float in their mind

after ten years, you accept the idea or waht they call “see through it all”

just a humorous example
you “realize that” you will not ever become li ka shing. and li ka shing realizes he’ll never be andy lau and so on.

i think as humans regardless of age, we should never get too comfortable with our situation

we should always try to go for more, go for better.

it’s not that you’re being stubborn about your stupid dream, it’s to show that you havne’t given up on life.

i realize a lot of old people die from this, giving up life, just because they feel that they ahve no more use and place in society, at home, or anywhere

i hope that you can, i can, all of us can keep on changing, even if we’re 80 and unable to walk.


One thought on “getting old theory

  1. that is very very very true Jason and I totally agree with that

    every person regardless of age has the same unalienable rights to live that God has given us than any other, and they should still pursue their own passions

    all those years they have labored and chosen paths to walk, now they should be given the liberty to do what they want and what they should

    does this mean they all get to do everything they wanted? no, but it does mean that they have the right nad should do whatever they want to to the best of their abilities

    once again, ur in control of ur own life, take it and live it

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