ib – impossible bullshit

i don’t know. just these two weeks of ib has really made me feel like shit

i knew i analyze way too much.

i thought about my IB courses for hours but still didn’t come up with a solution

combine this with my dreamy personality, then you’ve got a person who won’t sleep until he has convinced himself he’s chosen the best course or exhausted his brain cells

when i’m convinced i’m doing the “right” things, i get really focused and get 90s and 100s but now i got 59.

this just becomes a viscous cycle and i keep questioning myself until i fail

i just want some kind of confirmation, sign of some sort just to take away this doubt in my heart.

i’ve been like this all my life

this deep thinking analytical personality has made me a great thinker but also the worst possible “actioner”

it takes me just forever to decide on something

even after i’ve decided. i still keep on thinking what if what if

i’m sure this kind of mentality will screw me up quite quickly, so i just hope that i can change this bad habbit soon enough

inspire me, something inspire me.


One thought on “ib – impossible bullshit

  1. it is not a bad habit, or rather it is ur natural ability to be able to have a vision and to express emotions

    the person who can weigh in all options is a person who will limit risks and do the right thing most often, but those people can also limit their actions

    but what you have to learn is that action reaps rewards, and if they don’t, they don’t, and you’ll have to move on regardless of the consequences

    we can choose to live in the past and think of the what ifs, but what good would that do us? none at all, and we might as well move on to the next thing and live to fight another day

    fight on Jason, and fight hard

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