f day

today is one of those days that yoou would want to forget

the days defined by depressed, gloomy, pessimistic, fatigued, lassitude

i remember around four of these days in probably the past 2,3 years.

i remember because i always do a post on those days.

well what can i say

it’s weird though. the cause of these gloomy days is usually just combination of small things

it’s that feeling that there is just something against you that just eats away your pride and optimism bit by bit.

headache, bad quizzes, crap weather just some of those things

it’s also no coincidence that they often happen near stressful periods

stress, the definition i would give is the pressure from the fear of not doing sth well

everyone has stress. some people don’t show it maybe because they’re not showing you their weak side.




One thought on “f day

  1. the best remedy in these situations is just to step back, go run a lap and clear you mind, not block it, but clear it

    then slowly fill urself up with comfort foods and drinks to allow the body to relax and be ready

    the next step is once again to dive into the challenges, this time your body is pumped up, relaxed, ready

    don’t let the weather depress you, see the beauty of God’s creation

    don’t let the quizzes depress you, it’s another chance to improve

    don’t let the body pains depress you, it’s another way to strengthen the physical self

    stress gives you power, wisdom, and you learn from it, use it and master it

    here we go Jason here we go!!

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