typhoon day

yay, typhoon day, no school

it’s supposed to be a free holiday but i’ve got so much work, the free “holiday” is just going to be an extra long work period

i guess it’s on days like this that i feel nostalgic

i’m supposed to be happy for something unexpected that has happened, but in fact i’m feeling worse

i sometimes wonder how i ended up in this kind of situation, grown up, mature, thinking about the future


One thought on “typhoon day

  1. it’s called maturation, and it’s normal in every adolescent to one day grow up to their full potential

    God has His plans for all of us and we should be thankful that we have the choice to do what we want with what we have

    don’t feel the past, feel the future, work for the future, work because you want to, work because one day you will be rewarded for that effort, whether it is in grades, in knowledge or just plain self fulfilment, work, God has given us hands to labor, and we should use them

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