i ask you to try and recall the days when you were young.

remember all your friends seemed almost the same. no one is smarter, more athletic.

we’re all the same

by the time we’ve reached high school

you’ve probably already made up some kind of mental mind map of whose smarter, more athletic, handsome, likely to get the hot girls.

to sum it up, you understand that life is a competition, the survival of the fittest.

i may be over exaggerating to some extent, but i hope you understand the idea

the purpose of the post is not to tell you to give up on life and let the “fittest’ to win

but to tell you that what it takes to become the fittest.

some people misunderstand that only intelligence, fitness and “handsomeness” are the only factors in becoming fittest

but i have to add that many other are also included such as hardworking, interpersonal skills,

so don’t worry too much, just try to bring out your best side


One thought on “darwinism

  1. everyone has a good side, and some people have more good sides that they can show then others, but at the end of the day everyone is inlaid with natural gifts from God

    some gifts might not be prized by society, but that doesn’t matter, if what we do makes our Lord happy, that is our ultimate goal

    the two of us are blessed with very abundant resources, and we are best equipped to be whatever we want to be, grasp that chance, utilize our skills, and go out there and win the war and run the race

    we are all pawns in a big battle, but we have God and our own abilities on our side and that should be enough to allow us fulfillment and success.

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