in retrospect

it’s quite interesting to think back and realize how different i was one year ago

how different my mind processed emotions, reactions, information

i rmb how insistent i was one year ago

insistent on reviving that dying love, the fire that was diminishing inside a closed space

what is this?

a characteristic change? was it true that my personality had changed

did i become more stone, more cold-blooded, immune to the human emotions that once invaded so deep into my soul

or was i more objective, more analytical of my surroundings.

did my head become clearer and saw the world in clearer way or are my eyes now incognizant of the emotions between people

i guess the most important question i wanna ask is did i become a better or worse person


One thought on “in retrospect

  1. being better or worse is a very subjective question that no one can answer with a straight answer, however, being a wiser person is something that can not be denied

    throughout this process you learned how to deal with emotions, or learned how to deal with the failure of emotions, you have also learned how to dissect situations more

    the question is not what you did wrong, but what you can do better the next time a problem arises, the next challenge will test your character, your state of mind, and the lessons learned throughout this past year

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