pragmatic love

life has taught me about being a romanticist

i was enamored with the world, with the picturesque portrait of the sunset, with the myth of love at first sight.

i enjoyed being a romanticist, in believing beauty lay in every corner of the world

i remember how much i was deeply moved by the love in romeo and juliett, in their undying promise to be loyal to each other forever

in the love that existed in writing and on silver screen

i believed that i can also experience love of such passion, loyalty

i pursued this idea and i failed.

i’m not going to be like an old person and tell u that this is wrong and this is bad

but romanticism is too tempting, the beautiful moving ideas, theories, musical peices, literatures, cause you to fall

when you climb back up and look at that hole again

you may moan of your stupidty, but you will never regret it, because the world down there was so beautiful

love is knowing someone’s faults and sticking around

love is letting someone else see your faults and letting them stick around

                                                                               – Anne Hathaway  (Newsweek)

i read the quote today, and the memories from last year came rushing back.

love is poetical, lyrical but sometimes we have to remain into consideration of the pragmatic aspect of it

i would love the world to be as beautiful and simple as romeo and juliet depicted. that dying for love was the most altruistic thing one could do

but of course it isn’t

the tabloids are just going to put you as an idiot who died for wrong love.

love, how ironic can it be.


One thought on “pragmatic love

  1. I don’t think love is necessarily the pit hole of a life; however, it is actually the top of the mountain of life with the right companion and with some luck.

    but, I’m not saying the path to the top is not painful, there are many slumps, and the slope is steep, u may slip, but you can always climb back up and get there one day

    love and emotional expression should never be abandoned, there is nothing wrong with being able to forgive people, being able to accept, it is a virtue

    expression in the form of admiring beauty in nature and art is good expression, it is our God given right to express and enjoy, and do not forsake it, take it, use it, love it

    please Jason, do it for me

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