hands that don’t belong to me

whose hands are these? cuz they’re definitely not mine.

it’s sunday night 11:47pm to be exact

what have i done over the weekend?

i’ve done most of my homework. whipee woo hoo.

like seriously what the hell. when did weekend become just pure homework time

these hands belong to my homework.

scribbling equations, numbers, sentences, typing notes, i mean are these the only things that my hands know how to do

it seems that friday is already such a far away date. i don’t even remember clearly what i did that day.

my mind is blank, just filled with shit for tomorrow’s lessons or the day after tomorrow.

i feel no satisfaction from completing homework. i feel nothing.

i’ve already lost interest in video games, then love/relationships, then tv shows, then videos, then music.

i already have nothing to look forward to in life or no desire.

except homework, studying, i don’t there is anything else that i would be good at.

i just feel like a mindless robot, memorizing everything i see and spiting it out.

i suddenly feel like there is no more to look forward in life

i suddenly don’t know what i can do if i don’t have homework to do.

are these hands supposed to be for other purposes except working, studying?



One thought on “hands that don’t belong to me

  1. Jason Jason Jason, many a time you just have to step back from all these, the lives we live are lives of bullet trains, lives that speed around assessments, scores and recommendations, it is a life of clear goals and objectives, and whether or not we chose this path we have embarked on it

    there is no wrong in trying to the best you can in all you should do, but if it overwhelms your person and your soul, then it’s one step too far

    I think that you should just some times go out for a run in the rain, or slam dunk a basketball, or just really throw out the work and enjoy a mindless comedy

    time is too precious and limited to be lost in translation, don’t let time pass without knowing what happened, everything you do is for a purpose and you should not lose track of what and why you are here

    do what you can, but don’t lose your soul doing it

    there is more to you jason then hands typing work, I know it, you know it, your family knows it, make good use of it and be happy

    isn’t that the ultimate objective of life? the pursuit of happiness? interpret that as you wish

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