the linear of life

maybe it’s just my situtation, maybe it’s yours.

do you think life is planned?

after high school, then what?





hard work




isn’t that the cycle of life? isn’t that what happens to most people?

humans love stability. we strive for stability. but is this the kind of stable life we’re trying to achieve

is the previous mentioned stages the only stages of life?

some people believe that the future is non-linear. it could go in any direction as long as you want it

but how many times do we become something we’ve never thought off

if you’re born with low IQ, are you going to a world renowned scientist. you could argue that with hardwork. blah blah blah.

that is stuff we say to comfort ourselves, to give hope to the diminshing flame of hope

but how many times has it really happened?

how likely is it to be sth we never planned for?

will dreams forever reamain to be dreams.


One thought on “the linear of life

  1. it is very likely that things we never thought of will happen and I tell you why

    God has given us different talents and different gifts, yes maybe some of us will be less smart and others less pretty, so what? that doesn’t mean those people can’t be happy? can’t be fulfilled?

    the most important thing is that you do your best at what you’re doing, for some twist and turns, God knows what we will choose, but yet he allows us the freedom to choose

    use that freedom, choose what you want to be, and if it does not end up that way, at least you can look back and say “well, at least I tried”

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