la vie

“knowledge is power”

a professor sits in front of his desk with textbooks, academic journals piling to the ceiling

he puts his left hand under his chin, with his “thinking” look and tries to make sense of the funny words and symbols in front of him

he tries to reason the word with knowledge

“money is all mighty”

a 30 year old banker stands in front of his window overlooking downtown Manhattan

he wears a silk shirt, custom made suit, with slick hair and some expensive cologne

he turns around and looks at the screen. the number is green, there’s an upward arrow.

his eyes squint, his cheeks widen. he picks up the phone and says one word only “sell”

as if by coincidence, the upward arrow turns downwards, and ends up in the red

he controls the word with money. money only exists as numbers, not physical objects…

“son’s father”

old gritty man with some sort of a beer belly enters the company in his overalls

he checks in his card, and heads off to the electric lifters

he ignites the car and starts his day work of moving crates around for storage

he works extras if he can, he puts every penny into his 401k or his son’s football stuff except the ones for his beer.

he’s lived in the same apartment since he married in the suburbs of an industrial town.

he watches every football game, hopes that someday his son will play on a real pitch

his dream is to see his son go to college, and not end up like him.

“faith is power”

a bald monk sits on the edge of a mountain top in a rural area. he is looking at a scenery of the gods with mountain peaks rising above the sea of clouds.

he closes his eyes, starts to mutter, and moves the beads in his hand

he opens his eyes again, and stands up

he feels at peace, feels tranquility, feels a direction from the heavens above

he is able to do anything the heavens are telling him to do

he turns around and climbs down the mountain, facing the magnificent sun.

many people ask: what is the purpose of life? as in why do we exist.

i have no answer for you. i think you don’t know have any clue too.

will we ever find one? i don’t know. here’s some stupid logic applied to this issue concerning the point of life.

simply defined, the point of life is the reason we exist. the word “the” suggests that there is only one.

then, if we find this point of ours and accomplish it (hypothetically not taking up the rest of our life), we would have not purpose in life anymore. and we could then die.

then, why should we find this point in life.

yes, it’s a very unconventional way of thinking.

but, let me say this. the purpose of life is to survive. we do this by eating, breathing, learning.

but it is also this curiosity to find the purpose of life that has motivated humans to improve, that have pushed our brains/minds/bodies to the limits to find out what we were made for.

the very dedicated monk, or very assiduous professor, athlete trying to beat the world record spend their whole life trying to excel themselves, better themselves in their area of expertise and hopefully find out if what they are doing are what ALL HUMANS are supposed to do.

but we still try to find this universal reason to the purpose of man kind

some say physicists get the closest to the purpose of life

others say mathematicians, others say philosophers, others say religious zealots.

nobody knows, except God.

suddenly, i feel so small. so negligible in the face of the universe out there. Earth, just one of the countless dots in this universe. we haven’t even discovered our whole earth, not even half the solar system.

why are we called God’s people?

when people get old, they “find” a purpose in life. to earn money, to send their kids to college

they “lie” and say that this is what they were meant to do


we are young. we have time, energy, youth before we have to resort to lying to ourselves.

i don’t think i will find this purpose, and i don’t think anyone will.

we can only ponder. ponder of what we were supposed to do in this short life.


2 thoughts on “la vie

  1. haha, are you writing this for me?

    I agree with you that both choices don’t matter which is better so long as those who make it are happier

    what are you doing? are you happy? do you think the wait is worth it? do what you have to do, and if it is not what you want, is the alternative a more rational choice? you choose

  2. wt the, y is my previous response stuck here?

    anyway, I think u r very advanced in identifying the problems that we face in life and the choices that we wil have to make or the decisions that face us

    there will never be an answer seems to be too hard a conclusion to life, I think that we will always be able to get a partial answer, and i believe that our life we try to find the complete answer, we may or we may not

    it is beyond us to guess God’s will and God’s timing, but with the time we’ve got and the stuff we got, I think we should make the best use of it, and be happy, and make everyone around us happy

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