the bittersweetness of 16

sweet 16, common phrase, overused, jaded, hackneyed.

they say it’s sweet. it’s supposed to be the most enjoyable time of your life.

they saw you fall in the love that you will have good memories forever

i’m talking to this girl a lot now.

and it’s very natural for me to ponder

i know i won’t fall in love in the same way

i don’t even know if my heart has the capacity for love now.

in a sense, i’ve become more cold blooded. because of studies, because of academics, because of universities

i’ve seen so many cases of how couples screw up academics

i’ve experienced first hand how destructive it can be

i’ve experienced how time consuming it is.

i  have a choice now. to go with the power of love or to keep a straight head

the heart or the head

classic personality type questions.

love/not to love




One thought on “the bittersweetness of 16

  1. haha, u are getting to that point as I did a year and a half ago, I decided to go with my head and threw off emotions, I took a very radical move and decided not to be involved even if occasion rises

    I’m not sure what’s better or not, but I made my decision, what’s yours?

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