a dream

last night, i had a dream, no just any other dream. but the one dream that i had been wanting,waiting for years.

inside the dream, i was with “her”.

we were holding hands running through the hallway, our laughter echoing against the walls. there was nobody else except us.

i knew i was happy in the dream. i knew that i had the huggest grin on my face.

but i also knew it was a dream that was unreal.

i woke up.

i realized that i no longer felt the same desire, same want for the person who i had sworn my love to. i remember how i was for certain that i would love her until forever.

but time proved to be the stronger force. time is erosion. it’s scary. it’s powerful. the passage of time erodes the strongest of loves, and the most passionate of fervors.

it relentlessly beats down on your love, eroding a bit by bit, and finally reducing it to ashes, to nothing, devoid of any more emotions.

then a name, a face no longer means happy futures, and memorable pasts. it’s only a name which you have lost all association with. it’s a name that you would only remember when you open your photo albums.

if you want to forget a person, just wait. occupy your mind on sth else and you’ll maybe even regret the results


One thought on “a dream

  1. ha ha ha, wow I’m not sure if this is good or bad for u, it looks like a mixed bunch, but I did always say that time would make things past, time will soften things, but you should lose faith in ur emotions or ur memories, they stick, sometimes stronger, sometimes weaker, but wt’s important that u learnt from the experiences

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