in everyone’s mind, there exists this graph y=mx+b. y being how well we do in skl, or how much we learn. m being the speed in which we learn and x being the amount of work that you put in and b as your IQ.

without a doubt, at this age, we have come to realize that everyone is different. some are smarter than others, and some are slower at learning concepts.

but never have we doubted this equation. in our mind, the more hours we spend grilling the textbooks, memorizing their every single line, we should be able to have a higher mark.

but suddenly this does not apply anymore. maybe i’m just depressed with myself for not getting the marks, the grades, the accolades i thought i would receive.

maybe i just have to realize that now is a different world, that i no longer can stand together at the top with everyone else.


One thought on “y=mx+b

  1. that’s not true Jason, sometimes there is more to just the equation, there is the unknown, there is the mistake, and then there is always the chance that is m where x is multiplied, just do wt u do best, and do w/ with a passion, and results will yield, one way or the other

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