1…2…3 seconds gone

life is moving too fast

with a blink of an eye, it’s half an hour later, another blink, it’s already another day

these days have been so homogenous

school to home to school

music tht used to fun became a chore, a pressure

i do find laughter but not the tranquility that i used to have

the easiness in which everything seemed to work the way it should

i want to find a passion

something which i can enjoy doing without pressure

i’ve been thinking of taking up photography

but.. price and time.

time.. time.. time

it’s not that the stuff is hard, but there’s no time for it

i just wish i could take a time of the day where i can go alone, do sth alone, without no distraction, only me doing sth that can take my mind off everything else

haha i think girls would do the trick. lol

music. it does, but then i suddenly start thinking about homework because i’m in front of my desk

photography, but i’m not talented

writing, too strenuous of an relaxing activity

watching tv, provokes too much thought. too stupid at other times.

maybe sitting on the rooftop looking at the sunset

that would be quite nice. that surely would. except now i have to FIND the time to do it.

quite ironic that you need to FIND time to REST.

life is funny. it surely is


One thought on “1…2…3 seconds gone

  1. haha but funny cannot be just an ironic thing u wave by, these things deserve attention, and rest is essential to success and health

    think abt it, u spend ur hours blazing thru the routine and chores w/o rmbing wt u did, and then it’s another term, another year, then what?

    rmb that when we look bk in retrospect, u will laugh and say, wow did I reli spend my time doing that when I was 16, what a loser!

    if u don’t want that to happen, get up, and go FIND time to do all those thing su want to, it’s no good sayin u hv to find time, u hv to actually go FIND it

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