chinese mozart

“every man is a moon” – nytimes

every man is a moon. everyone has a side which reflects light, the side which they show to the world. everyone also has a side that is hidden, their true self which is hidden from most people

before this year, i had quite a lot of biased opinions about people. about this guy being a retard, that guy being a unscrupulous jerk, those guys being lazy bums

this year my assumptions have been proven wrong, esp those of one guy

he’s tall and thin as a stick. white porcelain skin much like a vampire

he’s got curly hair and good at music, hence the name chinese mozart.

before i truly met him, this was my observations of him:

feminine from the way he liked to put his hair behind his ear, peculiar from the way he liked to “slide” on shoes, weird for liking to laugh at totally dumb jokes and arrogant for dissing people who make mistakes. reserved from the way he’s silent during class time.

some of my assumptions were proved wrong started from the day he taught me math during spare

he’s nice. he’s kind enough to answer each of your math questions even if he’s working on his own stuff. he’s extremely intelligent. he’s doing calculus and physic at AP levels in his junior year. he’s quite profound in some of his logic.  yes, he despises people lower on the IQ level and makes fun of them. but he never does it out of a mean intention, more in the tone of a joke. he’s also very modest, never gloating and always hardworking

and he’s quite friendly. if you get to know him on a personal level, you would be amazed by some of the things he does for friends. i am impressed.

of course, some of his traits still remain like his clumsiness, not as considerate personality and aloofness.

but when i was going up the escalator while he chased for the MTR. i saw chinese mozart “sliding” across the floor with his lanky body, his hair bobbing up and down a pit. the whole image reminded of an upside down mop sliding across the room.

appearance has no relation with intelligence what so ever.


One thought on “chinese mozart

  1. haha, great classic fable come true

    I hope I hv awakenings like u more often, I can talk on days on end abt such stuff but I never seem to hv the experience to prove it

    o well, another lesson learnt

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