this year is quite different for me.

i’m not getting my high marks. i’m disappointed with myself.

but i’m also disappointed in life in general.

now is those times that you feel cheated.

no matter how hard you work, harder questions keep baffling you.

no matter how serious you treat your work, there’s that one person who always outsmarts you

no matter how much effort, lvl 4 seems miles away

it’s also my disappointment in life

i thought that growing up meant more freedom to do as i want

but now i feel like running on a road that has barriers on two sides.

i do even have time for myself to take a breather and i’m yanked off to do something else

ofc, it’s my fault cuz i took on so much crap

but anyone who has their mind on a better university is doing the exact same thing

i just only hope, hope that things might get better.


One thought on “disappointment

  1. it’s only the present that u r thinking of, try and think bk, think when we were little, how happy we were not doing anything, and yet we never did anything, and are we fulfilled when we do nothing? NO! then look forward, when we finally grow up and throw away the shackles, think abt those painful hours u sucked it up to do that project, the edu u got for the exposure, the things u learnt that might not hv given u the 100 but the train of thought, then u will appreciate that wt u r doing now is just temporary, one day it will all get better

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