my own fault

sometimes, i just wanna scream at myself

i can do the most brilliant things, figure out the most complicated things but forget the most mundane things in life

i always say that bad days are not when one uber depressing thing happens, but it is when many little small things and just make life seem so hard, and going against me

it’s like today.

sleeping too late gives me a cranky start. running late makes me forget my tuba mouthpiece. daydreaming makes me screw up songs. carelessness makes me forget things to say. being late makes me forget my homework at school.

i mean it’s almost like i’m intentionally screwing up my day, making it more difficult for myself the next day

i just wished that everything is under my control. everything is perfect. i rmb everything and rmb everything about everything


One thought on “my own fault

  1. haha then there wouldn’t need to be mentors, parents, or even God would there

    the whole point is that all of us have been created with limited talents and limited ability, but it is our job to expand to its utmost limits, do not fret on thoese that u can’t improve, but rather focus on those that u r good at and u can develop

    I know how those days end, today was def one of those, but when u go to slp, sing a song, read a passage, and jump in the morning forgetting all that happened the day before

    worry abt one day’s worry, one day only

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