strongest link is the weakest link

the ability of humans to harness the exponential power of groups comes from the fact that we are social creatures.

the fact that we can synergize, cooperate, is because the instinct to work together has been implemented so deeply into our nature.

for millenniums, the success of humans has depended on one another

even before, we knew how to cook, settle, farm, humans were already working together to hunt, to pick berries

it’s a function hardwired to our brains, to live together.

something so natural to us, that when we are forced to live alone, we usually done make it.

this is the power of social creatures, the ability to “use” each other and complement each other, and produce the maximum result.

however, this very same function that has made us so successful is also an underlying weakness

because of our need to live in a group, we make bonds, friendships, kinship, relationship.

over time, the bonds strengthen and we become more tied to a group

however, when these bonds are broken, it’s like snapping off one of our limbs, it hurts.

it is because of this “weakness” that humans spend a lot of meaningless time on emotional support, comfort, depression

it’s this “weakness” that makes us despair and give up

hence, the strongest link is also our weakest link

One thought on “strongest link is the weakest link

  1. haha, true that I’m not going to argue this one

    however, having a weakness is not that bad after all, aren’t those times of comfort, support, sadness also times when we truly experience the care from others and the true kinship that we hv formed? w/o those times the mere ability and yearn to work together is not satisfying, merely efficient, it is those times when one string is cut that other strings becoem all the more important and tighter still

    remember that, and remember that I will always be one of ur last strings, try not to snap it, XP

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